Frequently Asked Questions

 Dr. Adrian Praeger MBBS FRACS - Neurosurgeon

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Dr Praeger consult?

Dr Praeger consults privately in Clayton and at Knox Private Hospitals.  

The Clayton rooms are located at Suite 7, Level 2, 271 Clayton Road, Clayton 3168.  

The Knox Private Hospital rooms at at Consulting Suites B, Knox Private Hospital, 262 Mountain Hwy, Wantirna, 3152 

What are Dr Praeger's consultation fees?

Dr Praeger’s current fees are available on request from his rooms.

You will be required to make full payment on the day of your consultation.  Eftpos, Credit Card and Cash are all accepted forms of payment.  If you have a valid referral and Medicare card, you will receive a Medicare rebate for your consultation with Dr Praeger.  Private health insurance does not contribute to consultation fees.

What payment options are available?

Eftpos, all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners) and cash are accepted as forms of payment.

Will I get a Medicare rebate?

If you have a valid referral and a valid Medicare care card you will receive a partial rebate for your consultation.  

The best referral is from your GP, as this will also include your detailed medical history and is valid for longer.  

Specialists can also refer you, but these referrals are only valid for three months. 

The current Medicare rebate for an initial consultation is $111.85 and for a subsequent consultation is is $73.85.  

We are able to lodge this with Medicare electronically for you.

Does Dr Praeger see Public patients?

Dr Praeger recognises that the public system provides excellent care, but is stretched beyond capacity and sometimes does not provide timely appointments. He therefore is willing to see public non-insured patients in his private rooms. If you require operative management, you will be placed on his public waiting list at Monash Health for your surgery.

Does Dr Praeger see WorkCover and TAC patients?

Dr Praeger currently sees both WorkCover and TAC patients.  Patients will need to bring with them their valid WorkCover or TAC claim number.  With enough time, pre-approval of consultation fee payment can be organised.  

If this has not been organised in advance of the consultation, or rejected by WorkCover or TAC, the patient will need to settle the account on the day of consultation and seek reimbursement from WorkCover or TAC.

What do I need to bring with me to the consultation?

Please bring

1.     A valid referral from your GP

2.     Any MRI, CT, X-Rays or other imaging you have had.  Ideally you will be able to bring both the report and the actual scans on USB/CD or as films.  However, if this is not possible, bringing the report alone is acceptable.

3.     A current list of medications.

4.     Any previous letters from relevant consultations related to your current condition.

5.     A method of payment (see 'What Payment Options Are Available' above)

What do I need to tell Dr Praeger about my health?

Everything about your health is important to Dr Praeger.  Please mention if you have:

·       Heart disease including previous heart attacks, or bypass surgery or stenting

·       High blood pressure

·       History of blood clotting problems or excessive bleeding with previous procedures.

·       History of deep venous thrombosis (DVT)

·       Diabetes

·       Currently taking any blood thinning medication (Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Warfarin, Apixaban, Rivaroxaban etc). 

·       Allergies

·       Smoker

If I need an MRI or other scan where will it be done?

If you need further imaging, we will provide a request for the imaging that can be done a convenient radiology provider to you.  

Dr Praeger utilises a range of radiology providers for his patient’s convenience. If you need a specialised scan that is only provided at certain places will inform you of this at the time.

At which hospitals does Dr Praeger operate?

Dr Praeger performs operations at the following hospitals across Melbourne:

- Monash Medical Centre, Clayton VIC

- Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, Clayton VIC

- Knox Private Hospital, Knox VIC

- Casey Hospital, Berwick VIC

What are Dr Praeger's surgical fees? Is there an out-of-pocket expense for surgery?

Please contact Dr Praeger’s rooms for detailed information regarding his surgical fees.  

Should surgery be required, Dr Praeger, will advise you of all fees prior to surgery. 

Dr Praeger generally participates in “no gap” and “known gap” health fund schemes in which a small out of pocket expense may exist.

Is parking available onsite?

There is paid parking at each site.

Is disabled and wheelchair access available?


All rooms where Dr Praeger consults have disabled and wheelchair access available. 

There are lifts from the carpark to the appropriate level.

Does Dr Praeger do Phone Consultations or Telehealth?

Dr Praeger provides both phone and telehealth consultations via zoom. 

Often for the initial consultation, it is advantageous to attend in person to allow an appropriate neurological examination and receive the best advice available for your personal situation.